Thursday, May 26

Guest Friendly Hotels Pattaya

This website concentrates on the so called Guest Friendly hotels and guesthouses, in and around Pattaya, that are popular with single male visitors and travelers. We do cover more family orientated hotels but the main focus is very much on single males.

Firstly a description of our take on “Guest Friendly”. The argument about this will go on forever but for the purpose of this website we define guest friendly as –

1. No fees for first joiner. We totally understand why most hotels will charge for a second joiner anyway. If you don’t like it, stay in a guesthouse.

2. We consider it is equally important that a truly “guest friendly” hotel has a policy where all guests are treated equally. In particular by front of house and reception staff. We do not include those hotels where staff or management have a habit, or policy, of looking down their noses at certain guests.

A few notes of clarification.

Booking in advance –

Booking direct – you will hear often, from the ill informed that “it’s always cheaper to book direct with the hotel. This is categorically NOT true! It may be in some instances and not in others. Will will add links, where possible, direct to the hotel, to Agoda and to the cheapest online options. It rather goes without saying that cheapest is not always best so check ALL options and ensure you are comparing like for like.

Guesthouses – the vast majority of guesthouse accommodation in Pattaya is 100% girl friendly, even in its broadest form. In other words you can take as many to your room as you wish as no extra charge.

Five Star hotels – contrary to a rather common misconception the majority of five star hotels are girl friendly with regard to point 1 above. Point 2 can be a different matter entirely.

The Age issue – a few hotels have implemented a minimum joiner age of 20. The law itself states 18 but individual hotels and management are perfectly entitled to set this as they choose and we all have to respect that. We do not consider this a factor in our ratings but will note it where the policy is clear and known.

Images and facilities – we provide brief, but accurate, details plus links where you can check for further information. We do not carry extensive room photos on this site itself.

Star ratings. We use our OWN for the simple reason that they are more realistic. There are very few genuine 5 star hotels in Pattaya and booking engines star ratings are wildly inaccurate. For example when Agoda etc marks a hotel as “4 star” it is more often than not just a 3 or even a 2 when compared to Standards worldwide.

Lastly, but no means least there is the issue of hotel and/or company policy which may be very different to reality. Time and time again we read about people who have emailed hotels about their guest policy to be informed there will be a fee for first joiner.


We will be listing hotels and guesthouses we believe fIt our criteria.

We make no claim to cover every girl friendly hotel or guesthouse in Pattaya. Visitors and managers are welcome to submit a venue for inclusion.

All reviews on this site are from our personal experience but we cannot guarantee it will be the case in all instances so we accept no liability if your experience is different to ours.